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Is it safe to travel to Mexico?
The facts are that most of the problems with the Cartel War are within 70 Kilometers of the US / Mexican Border. This is the staging area for the Cartels, in order for them to bring their drugs into the US they have to have storage close to the Border. They are killing each other over territory, and most of the deaths are Cartel Vs. Cartel. Because of the War that was implemented by Mexican President Calderon to break the grip of control the Cartels have over the Country, the Cartel's have retaliated against some Government officials. That percentage is very low and the American deaths have been less then 25 total since 2006. Most of those American deaths have been drug related and the others like the fellow on the Waverunner and the US Federal agent were misidentified by the Cartel. The Cartel is not interested in killing Americans, it's very bad for their business. Unfortunately the US is what keeps these guys in the drug business. Baja Sur has no value to the Drug Cartels; that area only has one road in and one road out and is heavily patrolled by the Mexican Federal Government with the help of USNORTHCOM. Cabo is approximately 1,000 miles south of San Diego, well out of harm's way. The answer to a very important point "Is it Safe in Baja Sur Mexico?", the answer is "Yes, according to actual events and Statistics". It is far more dangerous in Washington DC, Detroit and many other American Cities then it is in Cabo or La Paz. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us and I can send you the actual Statistics or answer your questions.
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