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Helping the Orphanage in San Juan de Los Planes, Baja Sur

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The Albergue

 The Albergue, or as we call it the "Orphanage," is located in a very small town in Mexico called San Juan de Los Planes, Baja Sur. This facility is run by Profr. Fco Javier Anguiano Martinez, he is the administrator of this orphanage. Today there are 83 children ranging in ages from 4 to 17 years. These children are from ranches in the area that cannot afford to bring their children to school, abused, and children without families. This orphanage is funded and controlled by the state. They do the best they can with the resources given to them. My first visit to the orphanage some years ago with my friend and right hand man Diego Trevino, we stopped in just to see what was there. Children everywhere at many different tables quietly sitting and waiting their chance to use the only pencil. One pencil per table was all that we saw available, and that tore at my heart strings. Very little stationary, a few worn out toys and one TV for all the children. When it was time for TV, all the children would sit on the concrete floor and watch. I was overwhelmed with how well mannered the children were which is 100% the work of Profr. Martinez and his limited staff. I think about how blessed most of us are in the USA and how we all take so many things for granted. If we can just help these children in a small way it will have such a positive affect on each and every one of these beautiful children.

The number one question is: "What do they need ?" The answer: They need everything. I have given them many thousands of dollars, TV's, computers, clothing, toys, bikes, stationary, and building materials, and we just ordered 4 2-ton mini split air conditioners, but their needs are far greater then anyone one person's resources. About two years ago Diego and I stopped in to see the children and to give some more money to Profr. Martinez. After a short visit I tried to give the Profr. more money and he refused, he took out his wallet and said he still had money left from our last visit. I trust and respect this man and he has proven himself to me every visit.

This is on my web site for a simple reason, to help the children. When you come stay at Rancho de Costa and it's in your heart to do so, please bring with you some extra clothes, stationary, toys, money, books (English books for kids are great) and also Bibles (in Spanish if possible). During your stay we would love to have you present theses gifts directly to the children. When my children are with me they will give the gifts to the children, it's a humbling experience. The orphanage is about 20 minutes away from the Resort and the children just love visitors.

Remember even the smallest gift will make a difference.

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